Provides professional patient care, under supervision, for practice site patients.


Adminsitrator, Clinical Supervisor, Physicians


  • Graduate of an accredited surgical technology program
  • Proper Technologist certification required (if not already certified, must obtain certification within one (1) year of employment.
  • Training in Orthopaedic procedures a plus


  • At least two years of experience in a physician office or hospital
  • Experience working in an operating room required
  • Experience calling in pharmacy requests
  • Knowledge of casting and splinting a plus
  • Comfortable using email and interacting with Internet applications
  • Knowledge of practice management and word processing software
  • Pleasant speaking voice and demeanor
  • Good communication skills
  • Neat, professional appearance


  • Assists the surgeon in the operating room by positioning patient, assist during the surgical procedure, wound closure and applying dressing, casts and/or splints.
  • Administers medications and injections as directed by the surgeon
  • Calls patients to relay advice and instructions from the surgeon
  • Assists the surgeon while he/she is examining patients in the office
  • Removes sutures or dressings as indicated by the surgeon; reapplies dressings as needed
  • Reviews charts at least 48 hours in advance of scheduled appointment to ensure lab results, x-rays, and MRI/CT results have been received; calls testing facility if results have not been received
  • Fax clinic schedules and X-Ray orders to satellite clinics before the clinic
  • Greets patients and escorts them from the reception room to exam room
  • Prepares patients for exam or treatment by taking a history, all vitals and then recording the information in the patient's chart or EMR
  • Prepares exam and treatment rooms with necessary instruments
  • Puts charts up for physicians when patient is ready in exam room or gets patient ready for review in the EMR
  • Assists physicians in preparing for examinations and minor procedures
  • Administers injections, under physician supervision
  • Orders in house x-rays as requested by physician and schedules CT scans, MRI’s, and other off site tests as needed. Also schedules surgical procedures at appropriate facilities. Forwards necessary orders and consent forms as required by facilities
  • Reviews pre-operative instructions and explains the surgical process to patients who are about to have surgery
  • Provides general nursing care to patients; administers prescribed medications, treatments, and immunizations in accordance with nursing standards
  • Observes, records and reports patient's condition and reaction to drugs and treatments to physician; administers prescribed medications as directed
  • Formulates and updates patient care plans
  • Collects specimens, labels, and completes lab requisition; administers injections
  • Applies or removes casts/splints in accordance with physician instructions. Will assess previously applies splints/cast to determine if adjustments need to be made or replaced.
  • Ensures that pertinent laboratory results are reviewed by the physician
  • Disposes of contaminated items according to OSHA guidelines
  • Performs patient education duties; shows surgical videos, hands out brochures, and directs patients to specific Internet sites for more information
  • Works with physician to ensured that physician is current with dictation and forms completions, follows up to make sure that dictation and schedules are routed appropriately.


  • Makes sure all appropriate surgical instruments are ready for the surgeon
  • Ensures proper sterilization techniques (OSHA standard) are used for instrument trays
  • Keeps supply room and procedure room neat and well stocked
  • Coordinates the maintenance scheduling/testing of the autoclave and other surgical equipment used in the operating room
  • Appropriately follows O.R. schedules in various facilities; ensures the surgeon arrives in the operating room on time
  • Brings any “special equipment" needed to outside operating facilities, including films and office notes as needed
  • Schedules follow up appointments for clinic visits
  • (For in-office operating suites) Prepares the operating facility and cleans the room after surgery
  • (For in-office operating suites) Disposes of contaminated and disposable items, per OSHA Guidelines for Biohazardous waste
  • Completes paperwork when submitting pathologic specimens, and notifies lab that a specimen needs to be picked up; verifies patient insurance for the appropriate lab
  • Returns patient phone messages at designated times throughout the day; documents action taken in patient chart when the Triage Nurse is not available.
  • Triages incoming telephone calls; instructs patient and family regarding treatment instruction, then documents action taken in patient chart when the Triage Nurse is not available.
  • Telephones prescription requests to pharmacy; documents action in patient chart and obtains physician signature of approval
  • Oversees appointment bookings and ensures emergency situations are scheduled appropriately; maintains timely flow of patients
  • Acts as liaison between the physician and the OR, satellite clinics and other offices
  • Pre-certifies surgical and other procedures, if appropriate
  • Communicates physician referral requests to staff for necessary processing
  • Replenishes supplies—stocks and cleans exam rooms and manages supply of pharmaceutical supplies and samples
  • Oversees preparation of exam rooms, including re-stocking of treatment areas


  • Participates in professional development activities and maintains professional affiliations and certification erquirements
  • Arranges for all biohazardous waste pick-up
  • Maintains patient confidentiality; complies with HIPAA and compliance guidelines established by the practice
  • Maintains detailed knowledge of practice management and other computer software as it relates to job functions
  • May be asked to assist with coding of surgical procedures and act as a consultant for coding questions
  • Attends annual CPR and OSHA training programs
  • Attends all regular meetings
  • Performs all other tasks and projects assigned by the Manager or physicians


This job has no supervisory responsibilities.


Position requires full range of body motion including handling and lifting patients, as well as manual and finger dexterity and eye-hand coordination. Involves standing and walking for long periods at a time. Employee will occasionally be asked to lift and carry items. Normal visual acuity and hearing are required. Employee will work under stressful conditions, and work irregular hours. Employee will be exposed to bodily fluids on a regular basis.


Employee will have frequent exposure to communicable diseases, toxic substances, ionizing radiation, medicinal preparations and other conditions common to a clinical environment.

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