Statements are mailed monthly.

The Orthopaedic Associates of Wausau business office staff are happy to assist you with questions regarding our financial policy.

How to Read Your Statement

Some helpful definitions when reading your Explanation of Benefits or your OAW statement:

Copayment A flat fee you pay on the spot each time you go to your doctor for covered medical services (such as an office visit) regardless of the cost of the services. The amount is often printed on your health insurance ID card. The remaining balance is billed to your insurance company.
Co-insurance A percentage of the costs that are your responsibility after meeting your deductible.
Deductible An amount that must be paid by you each year for covered healthcare services before your insurance begins paying their share of the cost.
Out-of-pocket maximum The most you could pay for covered medical expenses in a year. This includes the amount you spent on deductibles, copays, and coinsurance.
Contractual Adjustment This is the difference between what your doctor billed and what your insurance allows as per their contract with your provider. You are not responsible for payment of these amounts.